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Aménagement d'une terrasse arrière
Arrière de maison en bois avec piscine et fauteuils extérieurs

Our team consists of 40 qualified employees, including two designers and one landscaping architect. Our business specializes as much in residential projects as it does commercial and institutional.

Our team do landscaping in Montreal, Estrie and the South Shore, from Candiac to Saint-Hubert, and Brossard.

G.T.L. Paysagiste is a member of three recognized landscaping associations:

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We are the landscaping experts. For questions about your project or for more details about our services, contact us!

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We take care of all types of exterior work, from a simple planting to the completion of an entire landscaping project

Installation of flower beds, hedges

Poolside landscaping

Stairs construction

Terrace construction

Carpentry, natural retaining walls

Paving stones driveways, outdoor furnishings

We are architects and creators. Our achievements are limited only by the imaginations of our designers and clients!

In this way, G.T.L. Paysagiste handles of every step of the landscaping process. Every division of our enterprise is composed of certified experts. You will be under our care from the first architectural draft to the last cut by our horticulturist’s shears.

Our expertise enables us to offer the highest standard of service. Contact us for more information

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Landscaping steps

1. Design

With the landscaping architect, you will design your project in two meetings. The first, to analyze the landscape, explore possibilities and formulate a budget; the second, to present a plan for the installation of inert materials, a plan for planting areas as well as a detailed cost estimate.

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2. Excavation

The quality of infrastructure is undoubtedly the most important element in ensuring the long term viability and durability of a landscaping project. We have the expertise and machinery necessary to perform ground levelling and to carry out all sorts of excavations or mini excavations, based on the highest norms and standards of our industry (Maître Paysagiste and APPQ.)

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3. Ground covering

Whether you prefer natural stone or paving stone, we will propose an array of material choices of ground coverings used for creating driveways, separations, retaining walls and poolsides.

4. Planting

Our team of qualified horticulturists will ensure that each project is achieved in harmony with the architect’s vision. When it comes time to choosing plants, our producers are the best in the field. Our company works in partnership with the horticulture cooperative Groupex, comprised of the industry’s most renown suppliers.

5. Sodding

As this is the base of every green space and requires careful, particular attention, we offer a complete service in sod laying, maintenance and lawn treatment.

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6. Landscape lighting

What good is having a beautiful garden if it plunges into darkness at nightfall? Our team will put a new face on your green space, thanks to landscape lighting.

Our mission is to offer our clientele exterior spaces that are unique, practical and undeniably original; implemented by a passionate landscaping team that is devoted to its patrons.

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