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Accredited and certified landscaper

G.T.L. Paysagiste is part of three recognized associations in the landscaping sector.

“From customer service to finishing during construction, our priority is to deliver exceptional work and exceed market standards. Our achievements demonstrate our know-how.”

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About our planning services

Our achievements

We create unique gardens, designed with noble materials, durable and timeless. The design possibilities are unlimited and all of our expertise is put to work in the accomplishment of each project.
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Our approach and our prices

Our tailor-made approach is distinguished by the quality of the final rendering. No project is the same and this is what motivates us: to create a living space in your image. To guide your decisions, know that our achievements start at $ 10,000.
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The areas we serve

Our landscapers regularly carry out projects in Boucherville, St-Bruno, Longueuil, Sainte-Julie, Beloeil, Brossard, Chambly and Candiac, but our landscape of landscaping services is much larger.
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Our services

The 5 main stages of landscaping

Plan design

Together we will establish and plan a plan to meet your needs: to create a living space that reflects your image.

Excavation of the land

Our experts will be on the ground ready to excavate and prepare the ground according to the plans. You will see your ideas come to life.


We offer quality on our sites by working with the best team of professionals and using the best materials on the market.

Development of flower beds

Horticulturalists, landscape architects and designers create new beds or improve existing ones. They split and move plants, redefine borders, apply soil and mulch etc.

Decoration and finishing

Our horticulturalists design ornamental decorations (decorative pots, urban vegetable gardens, planters, balconies, etc.) for the entrance to the house, the back patio or the front of your balcony.

60 specialists dedicated to your satisfaction

G.T.L. Paysagiste offers landscaping services : courtyards, terrace, swimming pool, spa, pond, entrances and walkways in addition to taking care of the decoration and finishing.

Each project follows a structured process and steps based on the imagination of our designers and clients!

Our certified experts take charge of your project and our team makes sure to support you from the first draft plans by the landscape architect until the last cut of the horticulturalist.

We will make your arrangement,


Our team carries out extraordinary projects that meet your expectations.

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frequently asked questions

How to arrange the outline of your swimming pool?

The paving in uni-stone is the ideal solution to arrange a swimming pool outline. Pavers are durable and can be made from a variety of materials to match your yard.

How to do landscaping for a small yard?

It is possible to arrange a small courtyard by creating multifunctional zones that optimize space. The landscape architect is the most qualified professional to successfully design a small yard.

How much does landscaping cost?

The cost of landscaping can vary greatly depending on your needs, the nature and size of your land, as well as the materials used. However, the minimum charge for a project with GTL Paysagiste is $ 10,000.

How to develop a sloping ground?

Our experts have a lot of ideas and means to make you enjoy a garden that is anything but flat: winding paths, terraces that spring out of pillars, gardens hidden in the corners, anything is possible.