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Landscape architecture

Architectes de paysage en réunion avec ordinateur et plans

To start your project well

Undertaking the process of developing a landscaping plan is the first step towards improving the quality of life, enhancing your property and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones!!

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A personalized formula for each site.

Here’s how the landscape architect proceed :

There are as many different projects as there are clients, each design represents a unique vision. Everything must be done to meet your needs in terms of aesthetics, usability and space management.

The range of our skills is wide and we have the expertise to create all kinds of green spaces: English, contemporary, classic… The landscape architect is at your disposal, he is involved upstream of the realization of the project, designs plans and specifications, he is the real project manager of your dreams!

Commencer mon projet

Designing a plan in 4 easy steps

1. Exploratory meeting

This meeting includes:

  • Discussion on the field
  • Establishment of the different expectations of the project
  • Establishment of a project price range.
  • Evaluation of the hours & fees attributable to the design of the architectural project.
  • Establishment of a Design Agreement

Start your project

2. Develop the project together with the landscape architect

This is when we get to the heart of the matter: we adapt your vision to the reality of what can be achieved.

This meeting includes :

  • The presentation of the different styles and possibilities of landscaping
  • Discussion of the chosen style and the development of a budget
  • Discussion and clarification of project expectations

3. Field surveys and measurements

Our team of architectural technicians ensures a good topographic survey and measurements.

  • Taking of photos of the entire site.
  • Drainage analysis
  • Analysis of the luminosity.

4. Presentation of the landscape architect's plans

The project is really taking shape and becoming more precise.

We present our plan during this meeting:

  • Layout plan
  • Plans of the structures and inert materials
  • Presentation of the different materials with photos
  • Plan with plants
  • List of plants with photos
  • Presentation of the detailed estimate and schedule

Frequently asked questions 

How to arrange the outline of your swimming pool?

The paving in uni-stone is the ideal solution to arrange a swimming pool outline. Pavers are durable and can be made from a variety of materials to match your yard.

How to do landscaping for a small yard?

It is possible to arrange a small courtyard by creating multifunctional zones that optimize space. The landscape architect is the most qualified professional to successfully design a small yard.

How much does landscaping cost?

The cost of landscaping can vary greatly depending on your needs, the nature and size of your land, as well as the materials used. However, the minimum charge for a project with GTL Paysagiste is $ 10,000.

How to develop a sloping ground?

Our experts have a lot of ideas and means to make you enjoy a garden that is anything but flat: winding paths, terraces that spring out of pillars, gardens hidden in the corners, anything is possible.