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    Undertaking the process of developing a landscaping plan is the first step towards improving the quality of life, enhancing your property and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones!!

    Architectes de paysage en réunion avec ordinateur et plans
    Aménagement de cour avec piscine creusée, coin repas et graminées
    Cour arrière aménagée d'une piscine creusée


    You want to entrust your project to an expert?

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    A personalized formula for each site: how does the landscape architect proceed?

    There are as many different projects as there are clients, each design represents a unique vision. Everything must be done to meet your needs in terms of aesthetics, usability and space management.

    The range of our skills is wide and we have the expertise to create all kinds of green spaces: English, contemporary, classic… The landscape architect is at your disposal, he is involved upstream of the realization of the project, designs plans and specifications, he is the real project manager of your dreams!

    Designing a plan in 2 easy steps

    experts en paysage

    1. First meeting: Develop the project together, with the landscape architect

    The first meeting is essential. It is at this moment that we get to the core of what you want and adapt your vision to an array of possible outcomes.

    The meeting involves :

    • Analysis of the area, levelling and soil
    • Analysis of weather exposure, sunshine levels and brightness
    • Presentation of different styles and development possibilities
    • Discussion on chosen style and budget creation
    Architectes de paysage en réunion avec ordinateur et plans

    2. Second meeting: Presenting the landscape architect’s plans

    During the second meeting, the project takes shape as we now present our plan :

    • Integration plan
    • Plans for structures and inert materials
    • Presentation of different materials with photos
    • Plan for planting
    • List of plants with photos
    • Presentation of detailed quote and timeline

    Meeting with our design team will foster a thoughtfully planned project that meets your expectations. It is our involvement in every step and careful attention to detail that allows the most beautiful gardens to be created.

    Some of our landscape architecture achievements

    Our work stands out for its quality and for each plan completion precision. We are working with our customers to find the perfect finish and improve their quality of life.

    Our landscape architect services are provided in the Montreal area and the South Shore (Candiac, Brossard, Saint-Hubert, etc.).

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