GTL Paysagiste

Seasonal decoration

Operate your land year round

We offer decorations and arrangements for the following events:

The rebirth of spring
The beautiful colors of autumn
The fairyland of Christmas
The exoticism of summer

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Need help with your seasonal decorative arrangements?

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Chevreuil fait de rondins de bois dans un décor de Noël

Christmas decoration for professionals and companies

Take part in the magic of Christmas thanks to the outdoor decorations.

Why condemn your land when you can make it shine? We design Christmas decorations and ornaments for individuals. Celebrate the holidays by wowing guests the moment they arrive …

Our qualified team will come to install and uninstall the decorations as you wish.

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Christmas decoration for individuals

In this time of year when the land is usually neglected, stand out from your neighbors and showcase it with decorations and ornate pots.

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Seau rouge avec agencement de branches de conifères
Décoration d'épouvantail en automne devant une maison

Fall decoration, the festival of colors

Autumn, the season of colors! Quebec is known for its festival of flamboyant colors. Each year is the time of year for family time.

Honor this magnificent season in your yard or commercial space! G.T.L. Paysagiste designs and installs various decorative elements on the theme of autumn:

  • Various ornamental designs in pots
  • Grasses
  • Decorative elements such as pumpkins or hay
    Autumn chrysanthemums

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Spring decoration, we prepare the bulbs

For the spring season, you always have to be one step ahead

In fact, it is not in the spring that you develop your land, but in the fall. By designing the layout in advance, you will have the wonderful surprise of discovering the blooming flowers the following spring.
Our team takes care of:

  • The design of flower beds by theme and color.
  • The choice of bulbs according to the landscaping.
  • Planting bulbs in the fall, to ensure a colorful bloom worthy of the most beautiful gardens in spring.

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Bulbes de tulipes blancs
Hibiscus blanc vu de côté

Summer decoration, a touch of exoticism

Summer is the season that allows us to enjoy plants that would not survive the harshness of winter
The heat of Quebec’s summers, on the other hand, gives us the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of exotic annual plants.
We design ornaments to decorate your terraces, balconies or grounds … Let our team install a little paradise in your home this summer!

  • We make ornamental summer pots
  • We install exotic annuals
  • We take care of your indoor plants

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Maintenance of indoor plants

For individuals : Are you going on vacation this summer and you don’t want to find your withered plants on your return? Don’t panic, G.T.L. Landscaper takes care of it..

For companies : is your activity on hiatus for the summer season? We take care of the maintenance of your indoor plants. We currently offer bi-weekly indoor plant maintenance at Collège Jean de la Menais in La Prairie.

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Grandes feuilles de philodendron