Entrance, driveway and parking layout

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    First impression: wow!

    We generally spend more time imagining our house and our backyard, than dreaming of the driveway that greets and takes us there. 

    However, beyond its utilitarian role, this aspect of our home gives the first impression, and plays an undeniable role in terms of the style, accessibility and warmth projected from our home address. 


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    Design a driveway

    Traditionally, driveways had a strictly pragmatic function. Times have changed and today, beyond practicality, aesthetics are also front and centre. You can now facilitate access to your home or garage, with style and elegance that sets you apart.

    In short, think about your lifestyle, your needs and your space. Then also look at the style of your home. An driveway that enhances your architectural style will increase the value of your home.

    Here are some elements to consider for a successful project:

    • Layout: do you prefer straight lines, curves or something in-between.
    • Space optimization: how many cars do you plan to have? Are there there other elements for which it would be necessary to make room (boat, trailer, camper, etc.)?
    • Do you install a Tempo shelter in the winter and what are your municipal guidelines?
    • Daily traffic: garbage cans, bikes, luggage, guests that park in the street and walk over.
    • Easy access to the house or to the garage (bringing in groceries, for example).

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I include my driveway in my landscaping?

    A successful driveway layout depends on careful choice of design, materials and method of execution. The perfect combination of these three factors will make all the difference.

    What materials should I use for my driveway or garage driveway?

    Several materials can be considered for your residential entrance. Whether it's your budget, your tastes or the style you want to give to your home, we're here to help you make the best choices.

    Recommended materials


    A paved driveway

    The most popularly used product for driveways is undoubtedly asphalt. Combining asphalt in the parking lot and paving stones for the entrance and walkway is a trend. The asphalt-paving stone duo combines pretty and practical, drawing an elegant path for pedestrians to get to the residence, while framing your driveway and home.

    Good points :

    • Economic
    • Requires very little maintenance
    • Pairs well with most furnishing styles

    Negative points :

    • The surface becomes very hot at high temperature
    • Has a short lifespan (less than 20 years
    • This is a choice that is not environmentally friendly.

    The gravel, chippings and pebbles entrance

    For the driveway, there’s gravel and pebbles. Available in several varieties of colors and sizes, they allow you to easily customize your driveway. Play with styles and models to create an original effect, that reflects your style. Perfectly ecological, this choice lets water filter to avoid runoff. Reinforced turf or permeable pavers are also “greener” options that are gaining in popularity.

    Good points :

    • Filters water to 
    • This is the cheapest option
    • Perfectly ecological

    Negative points :

    • Gravel must often be added for frequent maintenance
    • Not ideal for snow removal
    • Sometimes messy and damaging to cars
    • In Quebec, some municipalities prohibit it


    A paved and permeable pavement entrance

    Paved driveways are available in many textures, colors and thicknesses.

    Installed in a block that can be arranged in several ways, the pavers offer multiple possibilities of colors and textures for an original effect at the height of aesthetics. Be aware that thicknesses vary and the work is more arduous depending on the upgrades required. Hence the importance of doing business with professionals. Also note that the price of the tiles varies according to the different collections chosen.

    Good points :

    • The possibilities are almorst endless when it comes to colors and formats
    • Repairs is easy and inexpensive
    • An eco-responsible choixe
    • Allows a very long lifespan
    • Coordinates with almost all types of exterior siding
    • Enhances the value of your home

    Negative point

    • The cost of installation

    A poured concrete entrance

    Poured concrete is an alternative that offers the possibility of several colors and makes it possible to coordinate with several types of residences. Poured concrete is often left smooth and can also be stamped to give it texture.

    Good points:

    • Has a long lifespan when done well
    • Originally pale gray in color, concrete goes well with homes
    • Possibility of several colors

    Negative points:

    • May react badly with de-icing salt during winter
    • The installation cost is high
    • Difficult to repair when it breaks with freeze and thaw
    • When concrete is stamped it can be slippery when wet

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