Landscaping Maintenance

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    We offer many personalized maintenance services. Our team adapts to both your schedule and budget. For residential projects as well as for businesses, green spaces require special attention and regular maintenance.

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    Our lawn care services are offered on Nuns’ Island (Île-des-Soeurs) and in several municipalities on the South Shore: Saint-Hubert, Brossard, La Prairie, Candiac, Saint-Lambert, Delson.

    Lawn Mowing

    Lawn mowing creates an aesthetic appearance, providing you with a beautiful lawn. Mowing is also important in order to strengthen the grass’ structure and make it more resistant. Our teams are equipped with all the necessary equipment to offer you a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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    Lawn Treatment

    We work hard to preserve the beauty of your lawn. The secret to perfect grass lies in the care that it receives. It is the base of your yard; the key to a beautiful first impression. We offer all the services necessary to care for your lawn.

    Lawn fertilization

    We prioritize preserving the environment and the health of our customers, so we use organic fertilizers that ensure a healthy environment and a sustainable lawn.


    There’s nothing worse than yellowing grass! Soil depletion should be prevented, which is why topdressing is an essential step that nourishes the ground with organic matter and facilitates its microbial activity.

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    Too much thatch can often increase the presence of pests. To avoid this, we make sure your lawn is properly dethatched.

    Soil aeration

    This prevents the effects of soil compaction. Its benefits are numerous: increased absorption of nutrients and water, thatch decomposition, oxygen penetration to the roots and increased activity of soil microorganisms.

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    Horticultural maintenance

    Our horticultural maintenance services are customized to your needs and the dimensions of your property. Whatever your needs, our teams of qualified horticulturists will take care of your plants and flowers: laying and maintaining flowerbeds, creating potted ornamental decorations and ornamental horticulture.

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    Planting of flower beds

    The landscape architect works with our horticulturists to offer you flowerbeds that suit your land.

    Ornamental creations in pots

    Our horticulturists design ornamental decorative planters all year long, based on the themes of each season.

    Flowerbed maintenance

    Our qualified horticulturists handle the maintenance of your flower beds from the season’s opening to its closing. From fertilization to planting bulbs, we take care of everything!

    Seasonal opening and closing

    We are in Quebec and unfortunately, summer does not last all year! G.T.L. Paysagiste accompanies you from beginning to end by providing seasonal opening services in the spring and closing services in the fall.

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    Hedge and plant trimming

    Whether you love contemporary, French or English gardens, your hedges, flowerbeds and shrubs need maintenance. This is what defines your land and ensures privacy.

    Once or twice a year, trust our skilled trimmers or qualified horticulturists.

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