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1. Remodelling flowerbeds

Our horticulturists on the field are certified and work in collaboration with our landscape architects and designers to create new flower beds or improve existing ones. They split and move existing plants, redefine borders, apply soil and mulch, etc.

Our horticulturists will take great care of your plants.

2. Ornamental arrangements in pots

Our horticulturists also design ornamental decorations (decorative pots, urban vegetable gardens, planters, flower boxes, etc.). These designs ensure to beautifully decorate your front entrance, rear terrace or the facade of your balcony.

We design with themes adapted to each season!

Espace de vie extérieur avec fauteuils et plantes en pots

Fleurs roses dans un aménagement de cour arrière

Ornamental Horticulture Services

Are you dreaming of a contemporary French garden or just a little piece of exotic paradise in your backyard? Do you imagine colourful parterres, or the front of your house displaying stunning flowerbeds?

Let our experienced horticulturists make your desires a reality!

We offer many personalized horticultural services. Our team adapts its services based on the configuration of your property. Whether it be commercial or residential projects, green spaces require special attention and regular maintenance.

This is why it is recommended to call on experienced professionals.

Our team is made up of qualified horticulturists. We are members of l’Association des services en horticulture ornementale du Québec: l’ASHOQ.

Needing an experienced horticulturist to take care of your garden?

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