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Landscaping and design of flower beds

Expertise and precision for your green space

The flower beds define the contours and character of your spaces. Our team pays personalized attention to their execution to create a unique atmosphere around your home.

Whether for an individual or a business, our team of qualified horticulturalists will embellish your land by setting up flower beds. Groves of English country flowers, modern flower bed, flower bed, green vegetation cover, each type of flower bed requires special attention!

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Horticultural experts
We work with various types of flower beds that adapt to your needs and tastes.

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Design the flower bed

To obtain beautiful flower beds, it is necessary to analyze and understand the nature of the land, the region and the plants that are installed there. The composition of a flower bed takes into account the hardiness zone, the type of soil, the amount of sunshine, the exposure to the wind and, of course, the aesthetics of the land.

Our landscape architects take all these elements into consideration to create the plan of the flower beds. It is also necessary to choose the colors and the species of plants which will coexist in harmony.

 A tailor-made offer

GTL Paysagiste’s horticulturalists adapt development projects according to customer needs. Some projects involve plant species that require little maintenance.

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Place for creativity

A flower bed does not mean exclusively flowers. The flower beds can be made of decorative foliage that creates a nice gradient of green. There are many varieties of hardy perennials that provide decorative foliage from spring to fall.

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At the rhythm of nature

Seasonal flower beds are the most impressive despite being less durable than those made from decorative foliage. In nature, what is more ephemeral is often more appreciated.

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Aménagement paysager du terrain d'une tour à condo

Colors !

Flower beds are composed according to combinations of colors and periods of flowering. Not all varieties flower at the same time, our horticulturalists take care to avoid downtime and to obtain a bed provided all season long.

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A balanced atmosphere

We often create flower beds in which annual blooms and decorative foliage are combined to create a beautiful harmony between the flower bed and the rest of the land.

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Our realizations of flower beds

Our work is recognized by the quality and precision offered by our teams at each stage of the project.
We are proud to work with our clients to improve their quality of life.