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    Our approach is based on experience and excellence

    Our tailor-made approach will meet your needs and the result will be unique, like your vision. No project is the same and this is our greatest motivation: to create a living space that reflects your image.

    Gabriel Tougas-Leclerc, fondateur de G.T.L. Paysagiste, et Nancy Surprenant, l'architecte paysagiste

    Step 1: Define the project

    First we have have to get to know you, know what your goals are and what you have in mind. The process starts with a lot of questions! We have to meet and understand each other, before even putting out images and samples.

    Architectes de paysage en réunion avec ordinateur et plans

    Step 2: visit and meeting

    We will visit your home to fully understand the space we will be working with. We need to locate tools, connections, spaces, and more.

    A plan will be developed and presented, according to the total budget allocated to your project.

    Deux ouvriers qui égalisent un terrain

    Step 3: carrying out the project

    The most interesting part: seeing the project take shape! We love a job well done and thats why we make sure we meet our deadlines. We offer quality on our sites by working with the best team of professionals and using the best materials on the market.

    Ouvriers en entretien de pelouse

    Step 4: maintain the project

    Once the project is completed, we also offer maintenance services. To relieve you of certain jobs, we offer the following services: horticultural maintenance, lawn treatment, lawn mowing as well as the trimming of hedges and plants.

    Before we meet

    Together, we will try to understand how you will use your space so that your layout is a delight, not a torture.

    But before we even speak, please consider giving the following points some thought:   

    • Your lifestyle: do you spend a lot of time at home, do you like having lots of people over and entertain or you do you prefer quiet, private time in your backyard? 
    • Your activities: same idea. What you normally do in your outdoor space? Do you work outside? Paint? Play games? Tend a garden ?
    • Your mobility: do you have limitations or special needs when going up or down the stairs, accessing a swimming pool, climbing in a hammock, etc.
    • The location of your yard: do you want to enjoy the sun, be in the shade
    • Your preferences: this is important. While some people like large concrete terraces, others feel nurtured by a wilder, lusher outdoors. 
    • What don’t you like: funny question, but it often gives us good leads.

    Prepare your project: the easy way

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