GTL Paysagiste

Our approach

Our approach is based on our expertise in integrated project management.

Our customized approach will meet your needs and the result will be unique, like your vision. No two projects are alike and that is our greatest motivation: to create a space that reflects your image.

Your layout, step by step

Step 1: Exploratory meeting

  • Discussion in the field
  • Establishment of the different expectations of the project
  • Establishment of a project price range.
  • Evaluation of the hours & fees attributable to the design of the architectural project.
  • Establishment of a design agreement

Step 2: Plan Development

  • 1st meeting with the architect
  • Topographic surveys and measurements by our architectural technicians
  • Delivery of the demolition, construction, vegetation and lighting plans.

Step 3: Pre-Project Coordination

  • The production coordinator takes charge of the file
  • Ordering of materials and plants
  • Preparation and organization of the project
  • Client meeting with the site foreman (1 to 2 weeks before the work)

Step 4: Work and construction

  • Excavation
  • Construction (Concrete, pavers, slabs, walls, carpentry)
  • Planting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Sodding
  • End of project meeting with the site foreman.

Prepare for your first meeting

Before you meet with us, consider the following:

  • The amount of money you wish to invest in the project: we will discuss together a price range per comparative project
  • Your lifestyle: do you spend a lot of time at home, are you the type to entertain or are you looking for absolute tranquility?
  • Your activities: what do you normally do in your outdoor space?
  • Your mobility: do you have any limitations or special needs for going up or down stairs, accessing a pool, getting into a hammock and more?
  • The location of your yard: do you want to enjoy the sun, be in the shade, or both?
  • Your preferences: what are your tastes? Some people like large concrete patios, others prefer to be in the middle of nature.
  • What don’t you like? This may seem like a strange question, but it often gives us good leads.