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    You’ve finally gone through all the stages of landscaping: plants, deck, pergola, pathways, audio lighting or whatever it is you chose to create in your backyard. If you’re not at this point yet, make sure you go back to our landscaping pages. If you ARE done, let’s consider dressing it all up. 

    Some people LOVE this part of the process, but for others, it’s tiresome, annoying and painful. We’re here to help with the final push to get your environment looking and feeling just like you want it. Choose the colors, textures and details that will transform a pleasant outdoor space, into your favourite place. Whether you’re an enthusiastic fine-tuner or a reluctant participant, count on us for this final stretch, right down to the last detail. 


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    Finishing a landscaping

    Da Vinci said it best: Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. 

    When the major infrastructure work is done, you still have to make sure that all the finishes are impeccable.

    Whether laying paving stones, building fences, choosing and installing furniture, planting trees, shrubs or flowers, this is the moment when the vision of your final project comes to life. Like a sophisticated dish, the subtle, but essential ingredients, are the secret to making everything remarquable.

    Some examples of finishing:

    • Laying pavers
    • Erection of fences
    • Choice and installation of furniture
    • Planting of plants or strips
    • Choice of light and auxiliary lighting

    Whatever your initial plan, this is where the vision for your final project comes alive. We make sure to support you all the way.

    Aménagement paysager avec piscine, coin repas et espace relaxation

    The cleaning

    In real life, yard work is invasive and messy, and there’s nothing more unpleasant than having to clean up to finally put your feet up and enjoy your new space. We know where, how and when to dispose of all the materials, and when we do leave your home, you’ll never know we were even there. 

    Espace foyer sur le bord d'une piscine vu de nuit

    Assembling and decoration

    As a last step, we install all the desired decoration elements:

    • Garden furniture
    • Sectionals
    • Outdoor sofas and loveseats
    • Benches
    • Ottomans
    • Hammocks
    • Side tables
    • Lamps and candles
    • Carpet
    • Vases
    • Statues ans sculptures
    • Fountains and water walls
    • Fireplaces (gas, ethanol or wood)
    • Patio heater
    • etc.

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